Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Buttonwood Tree youtube links

Below youTubes from the interviews with Merrick Alpert and Rob Simmons and John Mertens:

featuring Rob Simmons on health care liability reform:
Middletown footage of Rob Simmons Afghan discussion on youtube - Here is the latest addition to the Buttonwood Tree Salon's growing video library,
featuring Rob Simmons on our nation's policy towards the internation trade of narcotics:

John Mertens
National Debt and Medicare
The boiling pot

Merrick Alpert On Seniority
Merrick Alpert On Fundraising
Merrick Alpert on Campaign Finance
Merrick Alpert at the Buttonwood Tree Salon
Merrick Alpert Loves Country Music

John Kilian's friendly debate with Dave McCluskey
Entire Debate

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